Fakta om oss

The AWA Group is a leading consultancy group in intellectual property (IP) with presence in both Europe and Asia. At Awapatent we work with technical inventions and trademarks. We help our clients succeed with their business by support everything; from filing a patent application to extracting new business opportunities from innovations, adding extra value for your clients.

Det här söker vi

We seek dedicated Master of Law students with a strong sales drive; passion, openness and courage for in-depth analysis and meeting with clients.

Varför jobba hos oss?

One of Europe’s leading IP firms; an opportunity to combine business, technique and Intellectual Property in your everyday work; an environment where you get to meet with interesting innovators and where you are a part of a highly specialized team of Attorneys-at-Law and patent consultants working with patents, trademarks, design protection and business development.

Geografisk placering

The AWA Group has 16 offices in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and China. In Sweden we have offices in most of our major cities such as Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.


There are approximately 300 employees within the AWA Group. 165 of these are engineers working as IP and patent attorney, and 27 as Attorney at law.

Hos oss finns det möjlighet till:

  • Examensuppsats
  • Traineeprogram
  • Utlandsverksamhet


Jonas Thuresson