Intellectual Capital Management

Fakta om oss

ICM is an exclusive, interdisciplinary master’s level education focused on entrepreneurship and business creation. In our education, you study society and technology development, as well as different stages of innovation processes and knowledge-based business development and management. The education is offered through the master’s programs at Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. It is open to students of varying backgrounds, primarily in technology, law and business, and has a strong collaboration with Handelshögskolan.

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education has ranked the entrepreneurship programs in Gothenburg as the best in Sweden.

Det här söker vi

We want students with the ambition of being open-minded, hard-working and creative, eager to learn the skills, tools and capabilities required for future leaders to be successful in knowledge-based business.

Varför jobba hos oss?

ICM‘s core vision is to develop a new generation of highly talented lawyers, engineers and business managers, with modern skills and tools necessary to create value in the emerging knowledge-based economy. The education offers a reality-based and action-based approach to studying applications of traditional disciplines in the creation of knowledge-based business.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

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